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ABF's are for adults of any age! Pick a topic and join in!


The Gospel of John - Meeting in Room 101 with Norm Alexander

A continuation of our study through the Gospel of John. We're currently in chapter 12, a bit more than two-thirds through the book. Still to come are the upper room discourse and the events surrounding Jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection.

Biblical Leadership Training - Meeting in Room 108 with Eric McAdams

This class is for those who feel they are being called to or have a passion to be more involved in church activities, but don't "feel qualified" or think they're "not quite there" yet. If this is you then prayerfully consider this training.

Christianity 101 - Meeting in the Library with Bill Huebner

New Christian? New to CBF? Just wondering what church is all about? This class will be a video based, interactive discussion time regarding the basics of our faith, the Bible, and the church... Come join us for a time of fellowship and working things through together.